Submission of Abstract(s)

  • Include the title of abstract(s)
  • Length: 200 - 250 words
  • File type: Microsoft Word
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 11pts. Do NOT use a smaller font size
  • Spacing: 1.0
  • Biodata: 50 words
  • The abstract(s) must be submitted to the Secretariat at


  • Full paper(s) must be in ENGLISH or in BAHASA MALAYSIA and all papers will be compiled in e-proceeding.

Submission of Full Paper(s)

  • The paper submitted may be based on completed research, research in-progress, or those associated with case studies or theoretical studies. All paper submissions must observe the following guidelines:
    • Language: Papers must be written either in ENGLISH or in BAHASA MALAYSIA.
    • File type: Microsoft Word
    • Length and Sub-headings: 8000 words (maximum) and structured into the following sub-headings:
      • Title of Paper
      • Author(s) and affiliation(s)
      • Abstract (with five identified keywords)
      • Introduction / Aims / Objectives
      • Literature Review / Framework
      • Methodology
      • Findings and Discussions
      • Conclusion
      • References [Referencing Style: APA]
    • Format and Other Requirements:
      • Font: Times New Roman, size 11pts. Do NOT use a smaller font size
      • Spacing: 1.5
      • Title: Type in UPPER CASE letters, bold and left aligned
      • Author(s) name(s): Type in UPPER CASE letters
      • Author(s) affiliation(s): Type in lower case letters
  • The first author will be considered as the contact person for all correspondence related to the article.
  • The full paper(s) must be submitted before the conference date. Please e-mail the paper(s) to the Secretariat at If you submitting more than one paper, each must be sent in a separate e-mail. Full papers that are faxed will be NOT be considered for e-proceeding compilation.